How to Join



We are dedicated to optimizing worldwide care, education, and research in pediatric MS and other acquired demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system.
A fundamental goal is to foster international collaboration.

There are three categories of members:

Clinicians involved in the care of pediatric MS patients (MD, DO or other)
Researchers involved in research directed towards pediatric MS (MD, Ph.D. or other)
Other non-practicing health professionals who have a role and interest in pediatric MS
Membership in the Study Group is approved by the Steering Committee. The decision of the Steering Committee on membership is final and without appeal.
At the time of application for membership, individuals will be requested to indicate the most appropriate category. In the conduct of its work, the IPMSSG may target communication and participation in selected initiatives to a specific category of members.
Applicants who are trainees at the time of their application will be requested to indicate this and a roster of trainees will be maintained.

IPMSSG New Member Form

Please return the form along with a brief CV (max 500 words) to Samantha M Ferrante, MS.


Your details will be circulated to the IPMSSG Steering committee for ratification following which you will receive a formal notification from the group.