About the IPMSSG

The unifying vision of the IPMSSG is to optimize worldwide care, education and research in pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS) and other acquired inflammatory demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system (CNS).

The Mission of the IPMSSG is To improve the care of children with multiple sclerosis and acquired demyelinating diseases worldwide, promoting clinical initiatives, education and research.


The guiding principles of the Study Group are to:

  • foster opportunities for collaboration amongst clinicians, researchers and allied health professionals who work in the field of pediatric demyelinating disease
  • enhance the understanding of the medical and psychosocial needs of children and adolescents with pediatric MS and related disorders and improve their care
  • maximize international participation in activities of the Study Group
  • serve as a expert resource for clinicians and researchers in countries that don’t have a sufficient awareness of pediatric MS within their health system or national MS society
  • ensure above all else that the safety of children is the paramount factor in pediatric MS clinical care, clinical trials and research


The fundamental goal of the IPMSSG is to foster opportunities for collaboration to enhance our understanding of the care of children and adolescents (prior to the 18th birthday) with pediatric MS and related disorders, and to maximize international participation in activities of the group.

The fundamental belief of group members is that enhanced worldwide collaboration in educational, research, clinical trials and outreach activities will improve the quality of care, increase the quality and pace of research, and increase awareness and understanding of pediatric MS and related disorders. We also believe that investigation into pediatric MS and related disorders will improve our understanding of MS in general.   Read more about the IPMSSG Strategic Plan.